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Who We Are:

Our company was founded on the premise of providing a healthier and more holistic approach to life by delivering herbalist formulated Plant Remedies. We are "Cedar Wisdom"; we use the knowledge of ancient herbal traditions and a research-oriented approach to develop quality, handcrafted herbal plant remedies.

The Inception Of "Cedar Wisdom"

Cedar Wisdom was founded by herbalist Dawn Bertram and health enthusiast Paulo Agelidis in 2020. Their shared passion for bringing nature-oriented medicinal remedies and mind-body-spirit-centered therapies to a healing path of service inspired the creation of Cedar Wisdom.

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, The Cedar tree is regarded as "The Grandmother of the forest". She is known as the Arborvitae – the tree of life. The Cedar is revered not only for her medicinal properties but also as the matriarchal symbol of Nature-inspired wisdom. This beautiful symbolism gave us our name - "Cedar Wisdom".

Our Mission:

Traditional herbal methodology and scientific ingenuity are the building blocks of research at Cedar Wisdom. Our mission is to make a positive impact on people's lives through our holistic & natural remedies. We also aspire to create a community of people that exist in harmony with natural and herb-based medicinal solutions. We strive to make the best possible remedies for those troubled with various ailments.

What fuelled our efforts towards creating this organization was a simple, yet life-changing thought of providing everyone with the best remedies they deserved. Anything and everything we develop has the same thought behind it.

What We Offer:

We are proud of our wide range of carefully developed herbal remedies that prevent various ailments more naturally and effectively. Our products include everything from herbal tinctures to everyday immunity boosters. We excel at manufacturing herbal remedies like tonics, syrups, salves, and more. All our products are designed to make life easier healthily and naturally. All our medicines are hand-crafted with care in small batches to give you the best quality.